Collections & Investiments

So of course the first thing everyone wants to know when talking to me is “What is your prices and do you offer any props or specials?” Well I am here to answer all those burning questions for everyone!!! 🙂


General Fees


  • I do have a sitting fee that is $75.00. This fee is basically a deposit and it is due at the time of Ordering Consultation, this fee is non-refundable. 
  • I do travel all around the Hill Country area and will go anywhere that you would like to have your portraits taken. I am based in Fredericksburg, so if you are local I waive my travel fee. To all those that would like me to meet them in surrounding towns I charge $35.00 for gas and travel. This fee can be paid at the consultation or you can pay at the photo sitting.


I strive to be affordable and give a level of quality that is unmatched by any other! I do not believe that photography should be so expensive that average people cannot afford to have their portraits taken. So I have come up with customizable collections that will fit any budget! Remember that each collection can be tweaked and changed upon request or you can simply choose to stay with the original collection. *All Collections will be enhanced and retouched free of charge, so that you will look your absolute best!*


   1. Collection A

{You can add a Customized 8gb Portable USB w/50 photographs for $40.00 extra}

  • (1) 8×10
  • (2) 5×7
  • (4) 4×6
  • (8) Wallets

Total= $120.00

2.  Collection B
{You can add a Customized 8gb Portable USB w/50 photographs for $40.00 extra}

  • (2) 8×10
  • (4) 5×7
  • (6) 4×6
  • (16) Wallets

Total= $150.00

3.  Collection C
{You can add a Customized 8gb Portable USB w/50 photographs for $40.00 extra}

  • (1) 11×14
  • (2) 8×10
  • (4) 5×7
  • (8) 4×6
  • (16) Wallets

Total= $175.00

4.  Collection D
{You can add a Customized 8gb Portable USB w/50 photographs for $40.00 extra}

  • (1) 16×20
  • (1) 11×14
  • (2) 8×10
  • (6) 5×7
  • (8) 4×6
  • (24) Wallets
  Total= $275.00

Customize Your Own Collection

    1. Number of people present in photo.

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3   {A group of 5 or more is an extra $5.00 per person}
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6

2.  Choose Size Of Prints (Per Photograph)

  • 24×36= $150.00
  • 20×24= $120.00
  • 16×20= $100.00
  • 11×14= $65.00
  • 8×10= $15.00
  • 5×7= $5.00
  • 4×6= $2.00
  • Wallets sold by sheet-8 per sheet
  • 1 Customized USB with 50 photographs= $150.00 {Unless I am having a Special!}

3.  Choose To Have Your Images Enhanced

  • Black & White= Free
  • Sepia= Free
  • Vignetting= Free

Specialty Items

These items are of top quality and all images will be enhanced and retouched to your liking, also if you chose to have your photographs enhanced to Black & White or Sepia you can have your Canvas Wall Decor enhanced as well free of charge! All Canvases will be wrapped and you can also choose to have your canvased photograph framed!

  1. Canvas Wall Decor
  • 8×10= $85.00
  • 11×14= $100.00
  • 16×20= $250.00     {Framing can be added to your order for just $25.00}
  • 20×24= $350.00
  • 24×36= $450.00
  • 30×40= $500.00

*They’re different sizes that you can choose from just ask*

2.  Frames For All Photographs

  • You can choose to have you enlarged photographs framed for $25.00
  • You can also choose a Framed Showcase Display for $65.00, this would be great for any wall or mantel.

3.   Cards & Announcements

Lyssa’s Moments Photography offers all different types of cards and announcements, customizable for your family or photography needs.

  • Personalized Birth Announcements= $100.00 for every 50
  • Personalized Engagement Announcements= $250.00 for every 150
  • Personalized Christmas Cards= $150.00 for every 100
  • Personalized Senior Portrait Invitations= $300.00 for every 150
  • Personalized Thank You Cards= $250 for every 100

Why Choose Lyssa’s Moments Photography

They’re many wonderful photographers in the Texas Hill Country and in the surrounding cities like San Antonio and Austin, so why choose me?!

Firstly I am local and know how important our hometown is! I also will give you quality over quantity and provide you with wonderful photographs that you cannot wait to display and show off to your family and friends! Another reason is because I want you to have an experience and not just make money off you, I want to capture the moments that many other photographers miss and showcase your best personality!

I am very easy to work with and want you to get the most out of your budget! I want to be affordable and make the task of getting photographs taken fun and not an expensive headache! I am willing to work with anyone and everyone to get the best collection for you and your family!

I also see photography as an art and not just a means to make money. I have a very artistic eye and want to make you look like a model, no matter if you are 4’10 (which is how tall I am) or 6’2 I will always catch your good side! 🙂

I am very flexible and can work with your schedule no matter if we need to meet at 7 at night or 7 in the morning I will work with you! I am always able to be reached and very easy to talk to!

So if you have been searching and having no luck in finding a reasonable photographer, your search is finally over!! Call or text me today and set up a consultation 🙂


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